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East Jerusalem, Palestine (2019)
brynhild bye-tiller
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Photography & Text  

NORWAY: Palestinian Balqees Rjoub wrote free and poetic texts to each of Brynhild Bye-Tiller's photographies from East Jerusalem, Palestine. 19 photographies and 19 texts written in Arabic and translated to English by Nariman Sharawneh. All of the material were put together in an assemblage on the wall and in a new book. (Opens in New Window)

EAST JERUSALEM, PALESTINE was a part of the exhibition Participatory observation and documentary methods in Edit Palestine by the artist Brynhild Bye-Tiller. In her work she investigates questions related to methods of collecting and processing documentary material, cultural stereotypes and movement in space and surface in storytelling photographic expressions. She collaborates with public institutions, organizations, associations, volunteers, individuals, groups, artists and other professionals to participate in her projects. This time she did a collaboration with Balqees Rjoub which led to a joint work; East Jerusalem, Palestine. The book was launched during the exhibition opening on Saturday 26 October 2019 and was a part of the exhibition. The public were also invited to participate in the work by writing in a text-based workshop Keep on writing. All contributions was put on the wall and later became a part of the redacted version of the book East Jerusalem, Palestine.


Jerusalem is a city that attracts me since it is part of my formation..its heritage and history, its present and past, all of has inhabited the soul of the city that has been sanctified by holiness even it is wronged by politics. For me, it is more than just a city.                                                                                    Balqees Rjoub
Restrictions on movement of Palestinians as well as foreigners on Palestinian land is justified with "security" purposes. Balqees is one of many who are affected by the vast and complicated infrastructure of movement restrictions. She lives in occupied Palestinian territories, 14 km north of the university where she studies. Each day she has to wait in line, go through military outposts, check points and a separation barrier on her way to the university in Jerusalem. She is 21 years old and she has never experienced free movement as an adult in her home country. Despite this difficult situation Balqees wants to highlight the beauty of Jerusalem, not the restrictions. It is easy to forget the proximity of destinations in this small, divided piece of land. Jerusalem is the city that Palestinians, whether they are Muslims or Christians, consider their capital and spiritual center.        

                                                                                                            Brynhild Bye-Tiller

Quote International Solidarity Movement:
«East Jerusalem is a unique city in the world. Being excluded from the Oslo accords, it is not officially part of the West Bank Palestinian territory, and its citizens are not permitted to hold a regular Palestinian identity document. Instead they are issued with a special identity document that allows them to travel in both West Bank as well as the rest of the area decreed in the 1948 treaties as 'Israel'. Contrary to giving greater freedom of movement, for many Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, the effect of this difference in status is to give the state of Israel increased leverage in different areas of life. They are left vulnerable to repressive policies, such as constantly increasing rents, restrictions on business hours in shops, and constant presence of the army. However, in reality no Palestinian in East Jerusalem can afford to move away from the city due to the risk of losing their 'special' status. Any person who is absent from East Jerusalem for more than two years loses his right to possess the relevant ID. Regular Palestinian ID documents can be issued by the Palestinian Authority only under approval by the Israeli civil administration, which in practice is extremely difficult. In effect, this makes such persons vulnerable to becoming stateless. Furthermore, absence from this duration gives Israel the right to confiscate that person's home, which will be commonly sold directly to Israeli settlers, increasing the Israeli land-grab and leading to an effective ethnic cleansing within Jerusalem.»

Exhibition period: October 26th - 24th November 2019.  

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East Jerusalem, Palestine

A book about Jerusalem. Text by Balqees Rjoub and photographies by Brynhild Bye-Tiller. Translation by Nariman Sharawneh.

Note! A new version of the book is now available. With contributions from the Norwegian public.

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Size standard landscap 10x8 in, 25x20 cm
70 pages
Hardcover, Dust Jacket

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Venue: Heimdal Art Association  


5 art works:
1. A photographic series Palestinian gestures with 19 color photographs
2. A text workshop Keep on Writing
3. A book East Jerusalem, Palestine
4. An assembly of 19 pictures and 19 texts East Jerusalem, Palestine
A lecture





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