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Bridging Zip-Code 65 (2016)
These and more questions was part of the project BRIDGING ZIP-CODE 65 (2016), which included an intensive, intimate and extended ten-day photo workshop with a number of activities:
Participation & Public art & Photo

FINLAND: What happens if we ask the public in Finland to invite refugees and asylum seekers to their homes as photographers? Can artists help in the fight against an increased destructive nationalism and to counteract xenophobia in a local scale? Who is allowed to make a visual representation in a public space?

These and more questions was part of the project BRIDGING ZIP-CODE 65 (2016), which included an intensive, intimate and extended ten-day photo workshop with a number of activities: street photography during the spring festival Vappu and Labor Day, nature photography in Öjens Nature Trail in Sundom, environmental portraits during several home visits in the Vaasa region, editing sessions, producing images, setting up a public display of photography inside a wooden house structure built by the participants at the Spring Fair in Vaasa Square, setting up a dual photographic exhibition inside the Mikola gallery put up by the participants and the artists, two lectures and extensive use of social media. The photo workshop gave the participants the opportunity to develop their visual language as well as practical and technical skills. As a part of the project, the public was asked to invite a refugee to their homes. During these visits and other activities several thousands of pictures were taken of which a small part was shown in the Mikola gallery and a substantial number (266) was displayed outdoor. The exhibitions gave them a chance to appear in a public space together with the artists. Photography became a way to connect with people inside postal code 65 (Vaasa city including Korsholm/ Mustasaari), hence the title, Bridging Zip-Code 65. All these activities was a cooperation between me, the artist Maria Nordbäck (FI) and immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Vaasa (FI). The project led to three art different public display of photography.

The participants were: Marina Hokkonen (Russia), Anna Pettersson (Belarus), Ali Aljboory (Iraq), Khem Raj Pokharel (Nepal), Zuhair Qasm (Iraq), Ahmed Hakeem (Iraq), Othman Ibrahim (Iraq) and Mohammed Ameen (Iraq). Artists: Maria Nordbäck (FI) and Brynhild Bye-Tiller (NO).

The issue was how to create a space for aesthetic decisions from an artistic point of view while decentralizing authorship in a social art practice. How can I be usefully engaged with individuals or a community? How to work with other people in co-creation of a public outcome? What kind of challenges and possibilities does participatory methodologies and documentary photography offer? Is it possible to find a new context in the tension between documentary and participation, when photographic subjects also become participants and co-creators of artistic work? How can I use the social and practical situations that arise as a result of the photo workshop to invent art and to explore the social interaction behind an image?

Me and Maria both involve other people in our art practices. It's a way to relate to - and a way to exist in the world. We focus on various challenges that exist in today's society and attempt to facilitate an empathetic and user friendly involvement. At the same time we try to produce site specific and formally innovative art productions.

Maria Nordbäck (born 1957 in Vaasa, Finland) studied at Novia University of Applied Sciences in Nykarleby (1996-2000) and at Turku University of Applied Sciences (2006-2007) on the subject of community art. Her work is often site-specific and interactive with the community, to highlight art as a meaningful part of people's lives.

Brynhild Bye-Tiller (born 1968 Levanger, Norway) studied at the Art Academy in Trondheim, Norway (1990-1995) and Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik, Iceland (1992). Her artistic practice explores the borders between camera-based art, documentary photography in particular and socially engaged art. Nordbäck and Bye-Tiller has previously participated in a Mid-Nordic workshop ÆØÅ (2010) and together they completed the project Forgo (2011). Bye-Tiller was an Artist in Residence at Platform and Nordbäck is a member of Platform and a resident in Vaasa.



Exhibition period May 21 th - June 12 th 2016   Exhibition period May 20 th - 21 st 2016
Venue: Koulukatu 7 D, 65100 Vaasa, Finland   Venue: The Spring Fair. Space 110. Map Spring

Art work: 84 photo works indoor. 39 photo works made by me indoor. 45 photo works made by the participants.

Details: Different sized 39 colour photographies. Chronologically displayed with narratives strongly influenced by the social interaction during the project and a small shelf with two objects. One roll of greaseproof paper and one roll of aluminum foil.

9 series of small format photographies from 9 participants with portraits of Finns and Finnish nature. Each participants showed 5 photographies.


Lecture- artist talk Platform, Kasern 14, 2016

Invitation opening of exhibition 2016

Invitation photo workshop 2016

Key words photo workshop 2016


Programme RECEPTION (FI)

Programme RECEPTION (SE)

Draft Bridging Zip-Code 65 (SE/FI)

Bridging Zip-Code (ENG)

Form feedback artist (webarchive)


Art work: A house with 266 photo works outdoor made by the participants inside a wooden structure.

Details: Building a temporary wooden house (gallery) at the market square in Vaasa. Setting up 266 small format color photographies inside the house. Showing the exhibition during the two-day Spring Fair event.

Local partners were MIRA Centre, Welcome Office Vaasa, Vaasa Reception Centre.

Bridging Zip-Code 65 was part of RECEPTION the 1st triennial of the COMMUNITY arts in Finland. Coordinated by Suvi Solkio, the regional artist for community art, Art Promotion Centre Finland and Pia Bartsch, community artist Saari residence. The 1st Triennial of Coummunity Arts, can be found here:

LOCAL A Sculptural pavilon Felice Hapetzeder (SE) and Jenny Berntsson (SE).

Bridging Zip -Code 65, Maria Nordbäck (FI) & Brynhild Bye-Tiller (NO)

Spread the ink Janika Herlevi (FI)

Comic workshop, Pertti Jarla (FI) and Emmi Valve (FI)

Va mee, Sonja Backlund (FI)






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