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100 metres (2017-2018)
Participation & Photo & Video

Why do you walk and where do you walk? Some walk because they have to, while others walk because they want to.

Participants from 6 to 16 years old in the county of Nord Trøndelag in Norway, was invited to participate in the art project 100 METRES (2017-2018). They were given the task of filming themselves while walking the best short distance they knew and explaining why. Apr. 100 metres. Hence the title. The artistic intention was to discuss the area between public participation, participatory methodologies and different kinds of documentary work. The exhibition at Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag showed all three parts in one gallery space. The material made by the participants was preferably shown digitally. The material made by my was preferably displayed on paper.

The project consisted of three parts: Videos made by participants (children and youth) at art workshops in schools, photographic portraits of 12 participants from 12 places and an artistic practice within the two areas of participation and documentary.

1. Videos made by participants

In the period November 2017 to May 2018, 18 schools, 30 groups and 400 students participated in the project by making a video with their mobile phone. The videos showed the participants when they walked their best 100 meters (hence the title) while they filmed themselves and explaining why. "Best" in this project was a short stretch that the participants had strong feelings for. Whether it was from their home to the rabbit cage or over the hillside to their horses. Participants were given the opportunity to say something about themselves and about walking. It gave us (others) an insight into how they think and orient themselves in the world. Thus, pieces of a Norwegian reality became visible. I have discussed the topic of walking with the participants in several video workshops around the county in a two-hour workshop. The videos are collected online in a public archive (

2. Photographic portraits of 12 participants from 12 different places

The 100 METRES project started at the same time and followed the same route as a concert production in the region. The schools that participated in the 100 METRES project were asked to pick one student who represented the municipality. A selected participant (in some cases two and three) in 12 different places was portrayed. 4 girls and 11 boys. The 12 places are: Kolvereid, Lierne, Grong, Namsos, Namsskogan, Flatanger, Steinkjer, Inderøy, Leksvik, Verdal, Levanger and Stjørdal. The photo shoots has taken place in a forest in Leksdal, at a pedestrian crossing in Grong, and on an artificial turf in Stjørdal. Such documentary work provides the opportunity for a crucial and contact-creating meetings between me and the participants. A contact which is otherwise difficult to create with large groups of participants and short meetings. It also allowed me to collect a material within a system, compared to arbitrary selection of location and photographic objects.




3. Artistic practice

The 100 METRES project is closely linked to my artistic practice with documentary and participatory art. Since 2006, I have completed several projects that alternates between storytelling in photography, participatory methodologies and knowledge production. All elements are manifested in the 100 METRES exhibition. Participation in the form of digital videos and handwritten texts on paper and the documentary in the form of color photographs on paper, text work, objects, models and a book. The results from the 100 METRES project are gathered to show the methods, elements, systems, opportunities, questions, confirmations, new material and new knowledge. It is gathered to give something to those who participate and to develop my artistic practice. A continuous theme in my work has been movement. Both through drawing and gestures in painting, rhythm in black-and-white photographies, and how I consciously develop thought patterns about how I move around a photographic object in the three-dimensional composition. In the 100 METRES project movement was a central theme on many levels. It linked my artistic practice and the project.



Exhibition period June 14 th - August 4 th 2018   Homepage:
Venue: Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag, Namsos (NO)  


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Book from the exhibition100 METRES at Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag, Namsos. Exhibition periode 14.06.- 04.08.2018. Size 33 x 28 cm, 56 Pages. 1 text and 32 documentary photographies. Color photography. ISBN Hardcover, Dust Jacket: 9781388394752. Brynhild Bye-Tiller. URL:


The project was a collaboration between me, Lisbeth Lein, the head of the Culture departement in Namdalseid municipality, Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag and local schools, teachers, municipalities, the County council, NTBUR and Den kulturelle skolesekken Nord-Trøndelag.


Art work: 1 video work (70 min with video-selfportraits from children and adolescents who film themselves while telling about a short stretch they have strong feelings for), 18 photo works including 12 small-format color portraits and 1 documentary series, 1 book, 1 text-based work, 124 sheets of paper, 1 paper model, 1 photographic sculpture and 15 selfie sticks.



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