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Apertura Namdalseid (2016-2017)
APERTURA NAMDALSEID (2016-2017) was a site specific and public art project commissioned by Namdalseid municipality, (NO), developed and produced by me.
Participation & Public art & Photo

How are women and the female form depicted in photography? How can photographies trigger and preserve memories among the elderly residents in a Health and Care institution?


APERTURA NAMDALSEID (2016-2017) was a site specific and public art project commissioned by Namdalseid municipality, (NO), developed and produced by me. The project contains 24 large format photographic portraits which are on permanently display at Namdalseid helsetun. A Health and Care institution in Trøndelag county. Apertura Namdalseid is a public collection of photographs. The project was based on a local historical collection of photographies called KVINNESPOR [*]. With the help of the public, old photographies and stories were collected and new portraits were taken of different local women. Such as a moose hunter, a football player, an immigrant, a young reindeer herder and a paraglider. The idea was to put two and two images together. An old photo and a new photo. Past and present. The portraits gives different openings in to the local community, hence the title APERTURA NAMDALSEID [Latin apertura – opening]. In English Aperture.



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[*] Kvinnespor is a online collection of photographs of women from 1900 until 1960. Namdalseid municipality does not have a local museum with the traditional venue for dissemination of local history. However Namdalseid Cultural Heritage Organisation has a rich collection of photographies which is physically available at the public library. A selection of these images based on gender and women's point of view are published online.

The project was supported by Namdalseid municipality.

Exhibition opening: March 31 st 2017  
Venue: Namdalseid helsetun (NO)  

Opening hours: Visiting hours. Free

Art work. Details: 24 large format portraits with descriptive texts to each pair of images. 12 contemporary portraits in color & 12 historical portraits in black and white from the 19th and 20th century.


"Åpningstale Apertura Namdalseid", speech (NO) Published 31.03.17.