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Icelandic encounters (1989-2015)
brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller

ICELAND: How to cultivate narrative methods and literary form from an artistic point of view? How to use both long and short encounters with people as a raw material to produce a book?

ICELANDIC ENCOUNTERS (1989-2015) is an artistic photographic book, which contains 63 portraits from encounters with Icelandic people and people on Iceland in the period between 1989 until 2015. It mainly consists of colour photography and all photos are paired with a fact-based text for each portrait. Which requires a minimum of information (name, location and profession) about each person which is a result of an encounter between the artist and the object. It's a narrative book produced with narrative methods. It cultivates literary form from an artistic point of view, using the photo book as a format and an artistic expression.

– After several periods on Iceland, I have a close relationship with the country including its geology, history and the people, who are still standing strong despite difficult times after the financial crisis in 2007. Iceland has affected me in a very profund way particularly the breathtaking volcanic scenery.

BUY THE BOOK ONLINE (130 pgs Standard Landscape, 10x8 in, 25 cm x 20 cm Icelandic encounters


icelandic encounter book icelandic encounter book icelandic encounter book icelandic encounter book

With image wrap, soft cover or hardcover with dusk jacket.




Length: 3:59 min.

NOTE! The soundslide contains mainly old pictures of people Bye-Tiller met in the 80's and the 90's.