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On/Off stage – Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (2014)
brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller  

PALESTINE: Are there any cultural activities happening in Palestine? In the occupied West Bank? If yes, what kind of activities and at what level?

I followed the dancers, the performances, the shows, the meetings and other activities behind the scenes of the International Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival in 2014. A kind of road movie in search of authenticity and moments of recognition with an aesthetic and intuitive approach. The idea was to walk around, talk to, meet and find individuals and groups who participate in different ways in the festival. The first meeting led to the second, to the third and so on. Informal meetings with no preparation. Like taking the temperature and capturing decisive moments. I chose a more aesthetic approach to the material than I usually do. The book is based on an intuitive, open and free flow of images. The photos are gathered in the book:"ON/OFF STAGE".


BROWSE THROUGH OR BUY THE BOOK ONLINE (186 pgs small square (7 × 7 in / 18 × 18 cm)) ON/OFF STAGE


on off stage bok on off stage bok on off stage bok on off stage bok

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