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Early work
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I am a professional visual artist from the Art Academy in Trondheim and Reykjavik. I also have a university degree in teaching from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, where I got a full time Post Graduate Teacher Training (PPU) in 1996. After 1996 I've taught in both high school, college, private school and I've held different courses parallel with my artistic work. In subjects such as: Photography, Aesthetics, Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Typograhy, Web & Internet, Multimedia and Software Training.

Teaching Visual Communication. Photo: Frøydis Olden

Photography 2006-2011
I taught at Utdanningshuset, a private school of Photography in Trondheim, Norway. In the subjects: Visual Communication, Portfolio and Photoshop. The study consisted of 302 hours of teaching, of which 60 hours with guest lectures by professional photographers and 32 hours with coaching from a professional photographer / photo educator. The education included mandatory teamwork and a significant effort to develop their own portfolio.


«Student exhibition june 2008»


[10.01.11] «Utstilling med fotostudenter»
[10.11.10] «Nytt kull med fotostudenter høsten 2010»
[10.11.09] «Nytt kull med fotostudenter høsten 2009»
[14.06.08] «Fotovernissage i bryggerekka»
[26.02.08] «Fotostudenter møtte Jason Havneraas»
[20.01.07] «Åpning av fotoutstilling i Trondheim»
[30.11.06] «Forelesninger i digital foto»

I studio 12.mars 2008. Slideshow v.1
I studio 12 mars 2008. Slideshow v.2
I studio 12 mars 2008. s/h Slideshow v.3

Exam Photoshop january 15th, 2010. Poto: Bye-Tiller

Media and Communication

I worked as a full time teacher at Levanger Upper High School, in the Dept. of Media and Communication.

In subjects such as: Media Production, which mainly concerned use of digital tools, planning and implementation of text, image and audio products for print and electronic media. Such as digital video, sound and audio productions, multimedia, web, web theory, graphic design, graphic identity work for external customers as well as software training.

Date Articles In Norwegian Written by
Spring 2003 Hvordan analysere et nettsted Bye-Tiller
Spring 2003 Hvordan finne det du vil på Internett? Bye-Tiller
Autumn 2002 Hvordan skrive tekst til brosjyre? Merethe Honne v/ Hulaas og Kvarberg
Autumn 2000 Lyd på Internett - en kort innføring Bye-Tiller
Autumn 2000 Ulike formater for lyd Bye-Tiller
Autumn 2000 Lyd på data Bye-Tiller

Photos from the last day at school and farewell session with the class before departure to Bodo, spring 2003

Web design

I worked as a full time teacher at the one-year programme Webmaster, one-year Web Design and one-year Multimedia and Design at the IT-Academy in Trondheim, Norway.

In subjects such as: HTML, DHTML, graphic design, Visual Communication, Typography, Web design, Web theory, Internet strategy, Multimedia and software training in Adobe Photoshop (ACE certification), Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash.

From IT-Academy in Trondheim Norway

I worked as a full time teacher at Brundalen Upper High School, department of Aesthetics, in the subjects: Drawing, Color, Shape, Typography, computer in Aesthetic subjects and Web.

Qroquies VK 1 Tegning, form og farge

Photobased paintings student work