Brynhild Bye-Tiller
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Participatory projects

  100 metres
  Ramallah Trondheim Series
  Apertura Namdalseid
  Bridging Zip-Code 65
  Three Ways of Framing
  My home
  These were not chosen
  Things tend to be different than you think
  Invisible Visible
  Women in Health- and Care Work
Documentary & Other photographic work
  Away game
  The truth on the ground
  On/Off stage
  Documenting while caring
  Easter parade behind the wall
  Occupied West Bank Scouts
  Immigrants and refugees to the Nordic countries
  Icelandic Encounters
  Labor Day
  Reykjavik riots
  Subway portraits
Early work
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CONTACT INFORMATION: Brynhild Bye-Tiller, Hans Hagerupsgate 4B, 7012 Trondheim, Norway. (+47) 480 38 974, Org. nr. 987 939 176


BRYNHILD BYE-TILLER (born in Levanger, Norway 1968) is a visual artist and a photographer based in Trondheim, Norway. She works with lens-based art, participatory art, site specific art, public art and ephemeral art. Her photographic work is dedicated to documenting issues like gender, social justice, migration, racism and humanitarian affairs. She has a collaborative approach to her art projects. She collaborates with public institutions, organizations, associations, volunteers, individuals, groups, artists and other professionals. Documentary photography, methods of participation, activism and knowledge production are important parts of the artistic work.


Selection of resent artistic work:

1. "100 metres" (2017-2018)
2. "Truth On The Ground" (2017)
3. "Away Game" (2017)
4. "Apertura Namdalseid" (2016-2017)
5. "Bridging Zip-Code 65" (2016)
6. "Photo workshop as a method of participation" (2017)

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BRYNHILD BYE-TILLER is an visual artist, a photographer, a producer, a coordinator, a workshop leader, an activist and a speaker. She started as a professional artist in the 90's. She studied at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (1990-1995) and the Iceland Academy of the Arts (1992), where she mainly worked with painting and photography. She was a producer for Art in Nordland - Artistic Interruptions and Artscape Nordland in Nordland county. Since then her artistic practice has alternated between photography and participatory activities. She has completed many projects and exhibitions, both in her home country Norway and other countries in Europe & Middle East. She has received numerous grants and scholarships. She was the Chairman of the Artist Union in Trøndelag (NO) and she has a political involvement on behalf of Art and Artists in today’s society. She worked extensively with development of the artist-run institution "Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst" in Trondheim and the Norwegian regional exhibition "Trøndelagsutstillingen". She participated in developing and implementing of the art project "LevArt" in Levanger municipality (NO) and the art festival "Trondheim Open" in the city of Trondheim (NO). Today she is the founder and Chairman of the Non-Profit Organization "BEAT FFKK" which support's living female artists and deceased artist Eli Anne Tiller. Besides beeing a professional in the art field she has a background from teaching, information and communication work, media production and web development.


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