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Truth On The Ground (2017)
brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller  
Photography & Public art & Exhibition  

PALESTINE/NORWAY: 37 photographs with landscapes, cityscapes, football activities and home interior was printed on metal and mounted on 32 stone slabs placed in a semicircle around the sundial in the north eastern quadrant of the market square in Trondheim.


"Truth On The Ground" was an art in public space project which displayed a photographic series with focus on everyday life of Palestinian football players, football activities and the opportunity to participate in sports in the Middle East. The pictures were taken in the Middle East in the period of 2011-2015.

"Truth On The Ground" was one of two parts. The second part "Away Game" displayed portraits of the players inside Our Lady's Church 100 meters from the square.


Exhibition period: September 17th - 24th 2017.  

Document archive:

Poster On the Ground (ENG) 2017

Poster On the Ground (NO) 2017

Invitation exhibition Norway 2017

Poster exhibition Norway 2017

Pictures from the exhibition in Trondheim 2017

Opening speech 2017 (NO)

Venue: The square in Trondheim, Norway.  


Art work: 1 photographic series "Truth On The Ground" with 37 colour photographs printed on metal and mounted on 32 stone slabs placed in a semicircle around a sun dial in the north-east quadrant of the market square.

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