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Archives > Workshops photography & Portfolio review

Take a step further towards becoming a better photographer?
Purchase a portfolio review or a photographic course

Please contact: brynhildbye@online.no

NOK = Norwegian valuta

1. Portfolio review
Send a link to your online portfolio or take your laptop or prints with you when we meet up. You'll get a verbal (or written) feedback.
Price: NOK 900, - for 20 minutes.

2. Teaching photography
Teaching. Basics photography.
1 hour teaching: NOK 1000,- per hour + hours preparing

3. Workshop photography for groups of 15-20
Two days workshop with six hours each day. 12 hours in total. The organizer pays NOK 12.000,- Participants pay a separate fee.

4. Photographic assignments
- Single Photo, high resolution, one time use NOK 2 500, -
- Single Photo, high resolution, unlimited use NOK 5.000, -
- Between 5 -7 photographs, high resolution, one time use, NOK 15 000,-
- Different types of documentation. Price on request.

5. Web development
Price on request.

6. Lecture
60 min. presentation: NOK 5.000,-

60 min. tailormade presentation: NOK 8.000,-


Please note: Travel expences and accommodation is not included. All prices are included VAT. MVA In Norwegian.