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Seven Cleaning Workers (2020)
brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller brynhild bye-tiller

Photographic series: "Seven cleaning workers". Photography & Book



At the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic

Seven Norwegian professional artists started to develop a project during the corona pandemic 2020. In weekly video conferences and messenger conversations, the artists explored new ways of working together and producing art. They discussed different topics such as color. After five months they launched a book about color. About their professional use of and awareness of color, as well as using text as a material. They explored their own relationship to, or lack of relationship to seven colors. Personal stories and nature motifs are throughout the book, but also a series of photographs of cleaning workers, who were on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. The series was my contribution in the book. The cleaning workers received well-deserved attention because of their socially critical tasks, and suddenly became everyday heroes. I met them. I spoke with them and followed them in their work.


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